Sola wood flowers are flowers that are handmade from natural sola wood. Sola wood is also called “balsa wood” or “tapioca wood.” It is made from the soft peel of the balsa tree and is commonly used for making model airplanes and potpourri filer, in addition to handmade flowers.  Because sola wood is a natural wood material, the flowers sometimes show markings of bark and wood grain. However, flowers from The SunnyBee are carefully selected and treated to be their most beautiful for years to come.

Wholesale sola flowers are produced quickly as supplies for use in crafts, decorations, potpourri, etc. They are delicate and often come broken or misshapen because suppliers do not necessarily intended them to last. The goal of The SunnyBee, however, is to make quality enduring pieces, so I extra care and time are taken to ensure that our sola flowers are well shaped and sturdy during preparation. That added addition to preparing the flowers properly is a BIG distinction between low quality sola wood flowers and flowers from The SunnyBee. Our sola flowers are special because of how we transform them from something moderate, into something exceptional. Without adequate prep, sola flowers may not keep well, leaving you with little more than decorations, instead of well made wedding heirlooms to love for years.

Factors to consider in selecting a size include height, weight, dress, venue, theme, budget, etc. There is no industry standard for bouquet sizing. Selecting a size is subjective and often comes down to simple preference. When our bouquets are photographed, closeups are favored in order to show detail. However, with closeups, exact size can be tricky to discern from photos alone. For that reason, measurement information is included in each listing. Our bouquets are measured in circumference, not diameter because circumference is is more exact. Circumference is measured from the widest part of the body of the bouquet. Height is measured from the top of the bouquet to the bottom of the handle.

The SunnyBee offers mini, small, and regular sized bridesmaids bouquets.

Mini bouquets are very small – consisting of approximately 3 regular sized flowers and some accents or filler. Minis measure about 15 inches around and under. Minis are often used as toss or jr. bridesmaid bouquets.

Small maids bouquets consist of a single tier of flowers and range from about 17-19 inches around. They are often used for bridesmaids when cost is the main factor in choosing a size because they are bigger than minis but cost less than regulars.

Regular sized bridesmaids bouquets are usually two tiers of medium to small sized flowers, with a few larger statement flowers included. They average 21 inches around. These are often MoH bouquet, but this size also works an extra small bride’s bouquet.

Extra small brides bouquets are about 21 inches around. Extra small is the smallest we recommend for a bride. Usually anything under 20 inches is considered way too small by most brides.

Small brides bouquets range from 22-23 inches around.

Medium brides bouquets are about 24 inches around. Many brides find mediums to be perfectly suited in size while others find them to be too small. It just depends on individual preference.

Standard sized brides bouquets are about 25-26 inches around.

Full sized brides bouquets are 27 inches around and up.

When describing our bride bouquets, we avoid terms like “large” or “extra large” because  people tend to have widely different interpretations of those descriptors, even when given size measurements. Most brides find standard and full sized bouquets to be just right, but larger plus sized bouquets can also be made upon request.

Flowers from The SunnyBee are made to last for years and years so that they can one day become family heirlooms. Our sola flowers are reinforced during preparation to maximize durability and the highest quality pigments and dyes are used for lasting color. Extra care and attention to detail go into every order to create quality that really lasts.

Because the lead times for our handmade flowers can run up to 4 months long during peak wedding season, we suggest ordering 6 months to a year in advance to ensure that you receive your flowers in plenty of time before the wedding. One additional benefit to choosing keepsake flowers for your wedding is you can easily store them in the months prior to the wedding.

If you would like to place an order, message me with the items you would like, quantities needed, and customizations like stem ribbon color, etc. From there, we will write up a detailed summary with custom details, pricing, scheduled making timeframe, estimated shipping time frame, and shipping cost. We can tell you the exact shipping cost with your zip code.

Once the details have been worked out, you will be set you up with a deposit in the amount of half of the total balance. Generally, orders less than $200 under are paid in full and volume orders over $200 are split, with half paid as a deposit and the remainder paid before completion of the order. At a minimum, a deposit is required before we will add orders to the order schedule. On split balances, final payment is due when flowers are near completion so that we can ship without delay once everything is done. Exact shipping is included in the balance due listing.

We email photos on all custom work, so clients can see how it all looks before it comes in the mail.

Signature is required upon delivery so that parcels are not left unattended if nobody is home.

Because all flowers from The SunnyBee are 100% handmade to order, they are time consuming to make. Lead times vary by time of year, but run anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months for volume orders. Current lead times are updated regularly on the home page. If you need something sooner than the time frame listed on the site, please contact us before ordering to ensure that you will receive it in time.

It is usually fine if you need to cancel, as long as you inform us before we begin work on your flowers. If you need to cancel, your deposit or purchase cost will be refunded in full. We reserve the right to decline any work that presents as incompatible with The SunnyBee design compendium or professional objectives. Additionally, harmonious working relationships are very important to my product quality due to the high level of collaboration I have with our clients. Every effort is made to make customers happy. However, if we cannot work satisfactorily with a customer, or cannot make the customer happy to the best of our ability,  The SunnyBee reserves the right to refund payment and cancel the order at our discretion.

We will accept returns on Ready to Ship items within 5 days of delivery. Returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee to cover time lost, seller fees, etc. Refunds will not include shipping costs.

Our listings that do not say “Ready to Ship” are 100% handmade to order just for you and therefore, are not returnable. Failing to read listing description information is not sufficient for a return. If a mistake is made on our end, we will make it right, just contact us immediately.

Please refer to the Terms page for more information about our policies.

Your flowers are best stored away from direct sunlight and in a dry place, such as away from a bathroom where steam from the shower could reach them.  If the lace or tulle collar on your bouquets becomes wrinkled during shipping, you should put the bouquet in a vase, then gently re-position the fabric. Any remaining wrinkles will usually relax on their own within a week or two.

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Yes! We ship internationally using USPS Express Mail as much as possible because it is the most reliable option. Some import items are prohibited by country and it is the importer’s responsibility to know their individual country’s restrictions. The SunnyBee is not responsible if your parcel is seized for import violations. Buyers are responsible for any and all local duties and Customs charges that may be incurred upon delivery. These fees, called “VAT” charges are incurred on top of shipping fees and do not go to The SunnyBee or USPS. Charges vary by country, but they tend to be 20% to 25% of the value of the purchase. We ship a lot of work internationally, so I will not mark parcels as gifts, nor will I reduce the declared value on forms. Google your country’s import restrictions and VAT fees for specific information.

Please refer to our Terms page for more information about international shipping.